A little background..

Beldi (pronounced bel-dee) means "traditional" or "authentic" in Moroccan Arabic. We chose this word to be a part of our name because we wanted to provide leather bags and goods that are not only stylish, durable, and unique, but also represent a long lasting tradition of Moroccan art. These bags are handpicked from the Medina Souk (outdoor market) in Rabat, Morocco where we work directly with artisans to choose the best pieces that represent our aesthetic.

What we do..

We provide quality, unique, handcrafted Moroccan accessories for socially conscious consumers that want to support local artisans across the world while also giving back to causes and organizations that support children's access to resources, education, and art initiatives. We are very passionate about supporting children's basic education as well as giving them access to artistic tools for them to express their creativity and share their stories with the rest of the world.

What we are obsessed with..

We love earthy tones, natural textures, statement pieces, cultural representation, artistic expression, and above all, people who are committed to making a difference in the lives of others.